Yahoo cuenta en Microsoft Outlook

cuenta Yahoo en Microsoft Outlook
Yahoo en Microsoft Outlook 3
Cómo agregar cuentas de Yahoo en Microsoft Outlook


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Descarga - Descargar Yahoo cuenta en Microsoft Outlook

8 Responses to “Yahoo cuenta en Microsoft Outlook”

  1. shakaama dice:

    pop3 mail for yahoo, now requires yahoo mail plus, which is a paid subscription.

  2. lsu0824 dice:

    i hate you for this video…

  3. DinoTamerMeep dice:

    Didn’t work, and I have a .com account. If you want to do a good tutorial you gotta think of all people and all things that can go wrong and things for them, even if this means replying to comments!

  4. esh1 dice:

    yep doesnt work

  5. Bill Mann dice:

    The video here shows how to do it for a UK email user. For US users, you do need to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus, and the details of the process are somewhat different.

  6. 8raman dice:

    When i test my account, it is not able to send test email …please help

  7. moyotte dice:

    it doesn’t work

  8. deejaypacman dice:

    I’ve heard that you have to upgrade your yahoo account to Mail Plus….

    Also.. don’t you need to enable your accounts to receive/send messages in yahoo, hotmail, and gmail accounts??…

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