Sincronizar calendarios de Outlook con su iPhone, iPad o iPod

calendarios de Outlook sincronizar con el iPhone, iPad o iPod
Sync calendarios de Outlook con su iPhone, iPad, o iPod 4
¿Quieres una versión móvil de su calendario de Outlook en tu iPhone, iPod o iPad? Vea este vídeo para aprender cómo hacerlo.


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Descarga - Descargar Sincronizar calendarios de Outlook con su iPhone, iPad o iPod

9 Responses to “Sincronizar calendarios de Outlook con su iPhone, iPad o iPod”

  1. ClubDonut dice:

    This is helpful and well presented, thank you very much !! LIKE !

  2. CatzRcool12987 dice:

    Thank you very much! Helpful video that got my my on-the-go Outlook Calendar.

  3. fasalakh dice:

    Hi, when I press preferences and sync service, it is empty and there is nothing to chose for sync :( can you help please?

  4. David Hindson dice:

    Can you sync using iCloud. Macbook running Outlook with iPhone over the air?

  5. Heath Coleman dice:

    hi there i am running office 2010 on mac, I’m trying to sync outlook calendar with my iPhone and iPad. when i go into sync services in office all that comes up is “Turn on sync services for contacts”…. how can i get it to show calendar???

  6. INVR4GET dice:

    Can I do the same with my pc and ipad2?

  7. Thorsten Hindermann dice:

    Sehr gutes Video! Zeigt das Wesentliche schnell und übersichtlich.

  8. unitedjkp dice:

    Looks very simple, and I have done as shown in the video. I’ve made some private reservations in Outlook. They do reach my iPhone. On the other hand… My iPhone has all my business reservations etc. These are not transferred to Outlook. Does anyone know why?

  9. Farah Haddad dice:

    What I wanna know is that can we sync outlook with iCal with iPhone, in other words, I want to have one version calendar to use, so I use the outlook one cause this is where I get all my invitations, then I want to sync it with iCal because I sync iCal with mobile me and then with the my iPhone and iPad wirelessly. Is this possible to happen??

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