Minecraft 1.4.7: Cómo descargar e instalar Feed The Beast (FTB) | Windows Mac OS Linux

Minecraft 1.4.7: Cómo descargar e instalar Feed The Beast (FTB) | Windows Mac OS Linux
Minecraft 1.4.7: Cómo descargar e instalar Feed The Beast (FTB) | Windows Mac OS Linux 4
Alimentar a la bestia es una colección de grandes mods creados en un modpack para que la gente disfrute, así que estoy aquí para ayudar a ustedes instalar este mod genial! Espero que esta ayuda Si necesita ayuda sobre cómo instalar mods que me puede llegar a jue skype ‘Skype: XboxKraze favor suscríbase que ayudará a asignar, y ayudar a un montón de gente también, gracias por leer! Twitter | tinyurl.com YouTube | tinyurl.com Skype | myskype.info Mindcrew | mindcrewserver.webs.com ✔ Si disfrutó este video, por favor GUSTA Y SUSCRIBIR No soy dueño de ninguna de la música en el video, que pertenece a su legítimo Owner en este sitio web: incompetech.com


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Descarga - Descargar Minecraft 1.4.7: Cómo descargar e instalar Feed The Beast (FTB) | Windows Mac OS Linux

25 Responses to “Minecraft 1.4.7: Cómo descargar e instalar Feed The Beast (FTB) | Windows Mac OS Linux”

  1. ImSoAwesome2424 dice:

    well since i’m cracked back to tekkit 1.2.5 i go :( god dammit.

  2. sk8flipout29 dice:

    Gotta use your minecraft login information

  3. Bazil1869 dice:

    Are you logging in with your minecraft premium account and password?

  4. Pathos Craft dice:

    Thanks XD

  5. Tim Kerremans dice:

    when i click the download exe button on the ftb page, nothing happens :( does someone have the same problem?

  6. 4SIDY4 dice:

    No doesn’t have to do with that I have a better computer than my brother and it crashes by me but not by him!

  7. M0vi3m4k3rz dice:

    i can’t create the acount before you lauch it.. it says “invalid username or password” –’

  8. Sandstone1337 dice:

    When I start my ftb, the console does nothing and I can’t play. what should I do?

  9. Semx11 dice:

    your welcome :D

  10. FrozenGroundGaming dice:

    When I click the download for .jar or .exe, a new page opens about creeper host

  11. TheHawk5000 dice:

    thanks man, realy helped.

  12. Alejandro Gaona dice:

    But FTB is legal (in a sense). FTB asks permission for including the mods in their pack, and any donations taken gets redistributed equally to them. Tekkit just takes them illegally without asking for permission and keeps all donations.

  13. MrFrank1290 dice:

    but the mods in tekkit is better

  14. 1marcusbj dice:

    it doesnt crash

  15. 1marcusbj dice:

    for me i just goes down when its launching the hole page just shut down i doesnt crash

  16. RobbSnor dice:

    Yes, that worked, Thnx :P

  17. Oliver Andersson dice:

    I cant dowload it =((((((((((

  18. EvilCreeperssss dice:

    When I launch it it just says mojang and It never leaves that screen and my computer is fast and everything I can run tekkit fine

  19. TheMinetart dice:

    The download link(s) don’t work. :( Any help?

  20. mrricefingers dice:

    it works, thanks soooo much

  21. pierce campbell dice:

    never mind

  22. pierce campbell dice:

    does it need modloader?

  23. jtwaves dice:

    no ftb has many more mods

  24. suisidalgasball dice:

    get a better comp done…

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