iCloud de instalación con Microsoft Outlook

iCloud de instalación con Microsoft Outlook
iCloud de instalación con Microsoft Outlook 4
iCloud de instalación con Microsoft Outlook y Correo iPhone con los contactos de Outlook con calendarios de Outlook y tareas con Outlook


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17 Responses to “iCloud de instalación con Microsoft Outlook”

  1. 11ericm11 dice:

    I found the answer to my own question. Apparently one needs to download iCloud Control Panel for Windows – this is different than the plug-in IE prompts me for. I found it through apple’s web site. Thanks for this video!

  2. 11ericm11 dice:

    How does one get to this initial screen shown? I’m using IE9 on Windows 7, and when I go to iCloud.com, it doesn’t look at all like this, and I don’t see these options. I’d appreciate some additional context on how to get to this screen. Thanks!

  3. Bernie Vega dice:

    what do i have to do to pass all my data from my iphone or icloud to outlook?

  4. FamilleWilmotte dice:

    how do I getback my task to my PC gain? There are only on my icloud!
    I also have a window appearing all the time asking for the user name and password for the p04-imap.mail.me.com

  5. Remco Peters dice:

    I have it set up as you say, but problem for me now is that I want iCloud to be my primary calendar in Outlook.

  6. Neil Greenwood dice:

    Thanks for the video really useful. I hope you can help me with this problem since you seem to be a bit of a whiz. Ive set up icloud but my contacts dont seem to work correct. I deleted a contact in outlook but it didn’t delete in icloud. if i try to delete in the cloud it says unable to as its been updated by another device? any ideas? I only have ALL CONTACTS showing in icloud I dont know if this has anything to do with it? the same on my devices. Thanks in advance. Neil

  7. balouchsa dice:

    same here

  8. TheSimonMech dice:

    Cheers mate this worked well

  9. mombeto1 dice:

    Hi-My problem is it doubled alot of my contacts in my phone. What can I do to correct that problem? thanks

  10. Azertar dice:

    I am having trouble understanding this… :0( I just want my Microsoft Outlook Calendar to sync the same info as I put into my iPhone calendar. I see so many calendars set up that I did not set up myself? Please help!!!!

  11. csx2551 dice:

    Why must I select @me.com as default?
    Also, all my contacts & calendars are missing from Outlook & only visible under iCloud folder in outlook…..those folders don’t seem to support distribution list as does Outlook….so seem to be lost.
    I also see several duplicates in contacts & calendars!
    Please advise & thanks for your help!

  12. dendrake528 dice:

    Does my @me.com email account on Outlook 2007 (and Windows 7) need to REMAIN my default email address after I your steps? If so that’s a bit of a bother as I have a business email domain that I need to use 99% of the time.
    Also, does enabling the “Mail with Outlook” cause email duplicates to appear?
    Thanks for your help!

  13. EVitrac dice:

    How about synching memos from Outlook?

    Why won’t certain new iPhone contacts sync to Outlook or iCloud? And reversely, when I create new contacts or appointments in Outlook, they won’t cross over to the iPhone or iCloud. It feels as if some info got filtered out.

  14. tkcarr dice:

    I keep getting the error message: “Apple Outlook DAV config has stopped working” and then the upload craps out. What is the issue here?

  15. tonitiger7 dice:

    How about the memos from Outlook? Is there a way to sync those as well?

  16. sketchingdan dice:

    @copenhaverPI I found that you have to install the @me.com account for certain email accounts like hotmail etc.
    And you don’t really need to use the cloud for email as the iphone and microsoft outlook sync anyway.


    Thank you,,,I have a gmail account,,and I cannot get it to do it with my iphone and outlook…Orlandoinvestigator@gmail.com

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