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How do I get Gmail on my iPhone? What steps should be followed to be able to download Gmail on an Android mobile? How do I read emails on my mobile device? What do I have to do to have Gmail on my cell phone? Many users ask us about how to do to have the Gmail app on the mobile, it is very simple, although the question has several answers.

Firstly any phone that has a web browser and internet connection can have Gmail. The webmail is accessed through the webmail, that is, through, this way the web page will take us to the inbox of our mail. It will be the same as how we open Gmail from our computer, but a mobile version, much lighter and with some less functions.

Download the Gmail App
Now, a quite different system is to download Gmail on your phone, be it Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, use another operating system or have a recognized brand or not. Here we are talking about what we will use an app that is installed on your phone and from which you will have access to your inbox.

Gmail for Android
Gmail for iPhone
Gmail for Windows Phone

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