¿Dónde puedo encontrar el software de correo electrónico para Windows 7?

¿Dónde puedo encontrar el software de correo electrónico para Windows 7?
¿Dónde puedo encontrar el software de correo electrónico para Windows 7? 4
Una de las principales diferencias entre Windows 7 y Windows XP y Vista es la falta de un cliente de correo electrónico. Mientras que las versiones anteriores de Windows, incluido Outlook Express o Windows Mail, dependiendo del sistema operativo que se ha actualizado desde, Windows 7 carece de un cliente de correo electrónico como parte de la instalación. Microsoft no se olvidó de correo electrónico, que acaba de enviar el cliente de correo electrónico de manera diferente en estos días. Usted necesita descargar Windows Live Mail para obtener el software más reciente de Microsoft de correo electrónico. Es gratis, al igual que Outlook Express y Windows Mail, que sólo pasa a ser una descarga en su lugar.


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25 Responses to “¿Dónde puedo encontrar el software de correo electrónico para Windows 7?”

  1. melyeaw267091 dice:

    I have been using Outlook Express. If I change to Windows Live Mail, what happens to all the .dbx files of all the emails in Outlook Express? I need to keep them because of my work. Can Windows Live Mail import .dbx files? The thing is I want to use Windows 7 but it does not allow Outlook Express, or so I heard.

  2. mafiouso dice:

    k so what about my old outlook emails in windows live….

  3. filippo333 dice:

    I think Windows Live Mail is actually the best mail client I’ve ever used :)

  4. iMhike dice:

    you need Yahoo Mail Plus to add your yahoo clients to WLM… With Mac OSX mail, i can add my gmail, yahoo, and aol clients with no added fee or problems

  5. coburna5 dice:


  6. jamvng dice:

    windows live writer ftw

  7. uglybuddy6 dice:

    holy fuck just use thunderbird

  8. RaVeN19Dizzle dice:

    Say what you want, but Outlook 2010 is amazing.

  9. edwardholmes91 dice:

    Hey Chris, maybe you could post a video of how to use Windows Live Mail?

  10. 1998JackRoberts dice:

    Like Windows Live Mail

  11. DatabaseGeek dice:

    Windows live mail FTW

  12. 5lkk dice:

    But he said he was using it.

  13. SoundsFantastic dice:

    My Windows 7 came with Windows Live Mail installed already.

  14. Shawn Clarady dice:

    LOL I remember am I old LOL.

  15. spyros sakellaropoulos dice:

    The windows live pack is called Windows Live Essentials

  16. leerman22 dice:


  17. Shawn Houtsinger dice:

    Thanks Chris for offering advice on software that you never use nor have used.

  18. rollsthepaul dice:

    We use Yahoo.

  19. tantzer dice:

    I recommend pine.

  20. knowntothose dice:

    I don’t like Outlook, I use others form of mail.

  21. mattjsrules dice:

    Gmail FTW!

  22. andymate2006 dice:

    I am trying to use Windows Mail on an old computer that has Windows 95 on it when I was watching this video.

  23. ableite dice:

    You look like jim from american pie! LOL

  24. Jean M dice:

    I use The Mac Mail app. Love it! Was a windows user for 20 years and never used Windows mail or outlook. Apps from Microsoft felt… broken and cheap, so I always went 3rd party.

  25. Michael Bolden dice:

    Who needs this shit lol.. Simply get thunderbird..

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