Configuración de correo electrónico POP cuenta de Outlook 2003

Configuración de correo electrónico POP cuenta de Outlook 2003
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En este vídeo te mostramos cómo configurar una cuenta de correo electrónico POP en Outlook 2003. Recuerde que los ajustes POP son específicas de su empresa de hosting y correo electrónico tendrá que encontrar esta información para que esto funcione. Sólo Google “pop configuración de correo electrónico gmail” o quien sea su proveedor de correo electrónico es. Enviar y recibir correo electrónico, gestión de contactos, calendario y mantenerse organizado con Outlook!


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9 Responses to “Configuración de correo electrónico POP cuenta de Outlook 2003”

  1. drowningindebt commcredit dice:

    What password do you use? is it 1 and 1 password?

  2. Davis Smith dice:


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  3. IT Conflict dice:

    It could be a number of things that went wrong. A few things I would check first are my email server settings. To do this, just go to Google and type in the following (example) gmail pop server settings – of course you want to do this with your email provider (yahoo pop server settings) – make sure you have the correct settings and try again. Thanks for watching my videos and please subscribe. More videos coming with higher quality too. I have been very busy opening a new computer repair shop.

  4. frau Ali dice:

    Hi great video
    I have just set an account with this video but in test two things failed
    Log on incoming server failed
    Send test email message failed
    Rest of the things completed
    Any idea how to correct it

  5. IT Conflict dice:

    Who is your email provider? You might have not entered the correct POP incoming server information. Strange that it would have passed the test and not allowed you to receive emails. I have a couple of questions: 1. Who is your email provider/account setup with? 2. What version of Outlook are you using? Please let me know and I will try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!!!

  6. Emily0Jones dice:

    hi i have done this clicked on test button everything ok, but i can send emails but not receive them can you help

  7. IT Conflict dice:

    Hi and thanks for watching! Please show your support and subscribe. :)

  8. IT Conflict dice:

    No problem! Thanks for watching! Please show your support and subscribe. More videos to come and FREE support to subscribers! Thanks again.

  9. cceerpp dice:


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