Cómo obtener Office 2010 gratis!

Cómo obtener Office 2010 gratis!!
Cómo obtener Office 2010 gratis! 4
Cómo obtener Office 2010 Professional Plus: 1. Descarga e instalación: uTorrent – www.utorrent.com PowerISO – www.poweriso.com 2. Descargar el Torrent – thepiratebay.se (Consejo: Si el enlace no funciona, entonces escriba “Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus Precracked” en la búsqueda de Pirate Bay y debe ser el resultado sólo hay) 3. Espere a que finalice la descarga en uTorrent 4. A continuación, un icono de disco de oro (no el programa en sí) debería aparecer en el escritorio (o dependiendo de donde descargó el archivo), ábralo 5. Seleccione “extraer” y extraer a cualquier lugar que desee 6. Una vez hecho esto, vaya a la ubicación de la extracción, y encontrar “setup” 7. Poner en marcha 8. Cuando la instalación se haya completado, reinicie el ordenador … 9. ENTONCES USTED ESTÁ HECHO! Esta versión de Microsoft Office Professional Plus es, e incluye: Microsoft Access 2010 Microsoft Excel 2010 Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010 Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2010 Microsoft OneNote 2010 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Microsoft Publisher 2010 Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 Microsoft Word 2010 No hay necesidad de clave de activación , ya que se pre-agrietado para ti! DISFRUTA! (Office 2010 no es compatible con Windows XP)


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25 Responses to “Cómo obtener Office 2010 gratis!”

  1. FiljaCar dice:

    Just for 32 bit :/

  2. XDarkEnjeruX dice:

    Thanks very much! It worked perfectly!! :D

  3. Kembatron dice:

    Works, needed word 2010 for school. Follow steps and it should work.

  4. legendz4ever11 dice:

    Thank you very much bro, i subscribed, liked and favorited the video.

  5. doddiboy dice:

    how do i download the office 2010 torrent?

  6. DarkSilverCrest dice:

    power iso wont let me extract

  7. demonak47pro dice:

    If you are using public internet, then that is common. if you7 are at home, and don’t have any restrictions, but STILL can’t access it, then it may be the country you are in. Otherwise, I have no clue.

  8. Russian Pro dice:

    SHIT piratebay is blocked heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  9. matt jones dice:

    no i got it thanks

  10. demonak47pro dice:

    try installing PowerISO?

  11. matt jones dice:

    help gold disk doesnt appear

  12. matt jones dice:

    the gold disk doesnt appear help !!

  13. demonak47pro dice:

    yes it does. If you follow my steps correctly it should work perfectly fine.

  14. Anthea Li dice:

    awwwww does it work with windows 7?

  15. demonak47pro dice:


  16. demonak47pro dice:

    I appreciate your support everyone, it is great :) And btw, if the Pirate bay link doesn’t work then its probably just going through some current issues, and if it STILL doesnt work, then message me. Ill see what I can do.

  17. Bcarpio93 dice:

    wow bro it actually worked, you saved me money and i really needed this . THANKS

  18. Austin Reppert dice:

    You saved me like $500 bucks thanks man

  19. MrBxmp dice:

    Guys who are pressing extract and nothing happening.. double click on the download when its finished in uTorrent and it takes you to PowerISO and when you extract it then works. Sorry i hate doing this but thumbs up so people can see.

  20. sk8urmamaBG dice:

    When I click Extract nothing happens

  21. josiegirl1099 dice:

    when i select “extract” in powerISO nothing happens. help please!

  22. joseph20092k9 dice:

    i oly want powerpoint tho?

  23. 03mem dice:

    will this work on windows 7 starter dude?i’ll try this one. thanks. ;)

  24. Naveen171994 dice:

    thanks for this video i got it.but i was new to torrenz so i got stuck when it said seeding i thought it is still loading … how ever the video was helpful

  25. NoaBuddy dice:

    Thanks a lot man!!! it works :D

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