Cómo mantener Office 2010 versión de prueba (el camino más fácil, sin descargas)

Cómo mantener Office 2010 versión de prueba (el camino más fácil, sin descargas)
Como para mantener Office 2010 versión de prueba (the fácil way, no downloads) 4
en este video, te voy a mostrar cómo mantener una versión de prueba de Office para siempre, no hay cosas más días de prueba 60. Enjoy! ps cuando digo la línea de fondo a partir de las tm: bla, bla, bla, quiero decir, la segunda a la última línea, y eliminar el resto de la parte inferior.


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25 Responses to “Cómo mantener Office 2010 versión de prueba (el camino más fácil, sin descargas)”

  1. SuperKingcai dice:

    thank you

  2. dokirb dice:

    no luck.

  3. renetitobabyz dice:


  4. Raaby123 dice:

    did not work..

  5. dodleysvs dice:

    thank you so much!
    you saved my ass at school mate!

  6. IRK654321 dice:

    will this work for 2007 trial

  7. Aaron Samuel dice:

    this is what it’s supposed to do so now u can keep it

  8. Steff Watts dice:

    didn’t work for mine

  9. Ian Park dice:

    i tried enabling show hidden folders but there still arent the folders im looking for. what is this? plz answer

  10. gilroy42 dice:

    Nope it dont work ,did what he tells you to do in video ….then went & set the date so it runs out after 60 days to see what happens ??? and guess what it expires & locks :( oh its not so easy to remove after you mess around with it so be warned !!!!

  11. Athenacena dice:

    Did it work? Its october 4th.

  12. Athenacena dice:


  13. ErzaScarletRemedy dice:

    Now when i open Microsoft Word up it says Unlicensed Product How do i fix that?

  14. mandyr76 dice:

    Sorted. Passed the trial day today & it’s still running as it was. Cheers bud.

  15. Mohaamadq dice:

    If the link doesnt work inbox me for a quicker download
    have a working link. Ask for username and password for premium downloads!

  16. Father0fsuccess dice:

    This works! Follow the steps carefully and you’re done! Thanks! =D

  17. CherrySo0oSexy dice:

    does this work if mines doesnt say (trial).??… mines at the tops says (non commerical use)??… cuz i did it but nothing changed?….

  18. Waqar786ism dice:

    will this work with home and student version???

  19. Robert Harrison dice:

    Can’t say if it works yet but I’ll be finding out October 4th.

  20. jordan knight dice:


  21. johnlarsen1218 dice:

    try enabling hidden folders

  22. BrookeRayy dice:

    i followed every step but instead of saying ‘trial’ mine it says starter? will it still work?

  23. Pcake1Xx dice:

    wow. theirs no files that that one after office14, i swear all these vids fuking hate me iv tried so many diff web sites they all nvr work and i do not want to wast gas driving up to the lib to get my paper done.

  24. killerhacks86 dice:

    after your days run out the trial will still work

  25. SimplyOwned1 dice:

    does this work for professional pleasem answer and will subscribe to who ever does and so will 20 others

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